About Dark View

The Haunts

Dark View has expanded and includes five themed areas, plus other activities including our BRAND NEW Escape Room: The Library!

Regular and VIP admission gives you access to the following five themed haunts for one price:

The Goucher Farmhouse

The Goucher Family Farm has been abandoned for over 40 years. The family disappeared without a trace. Does their old farmhouse hold the secret to their disappearance? Locals warn of strange occurrences on the property, and claim to see lights flickering in the windows of the rotting house late in the evenings. What evil resides within the walls? Where is the family that so many people knew?

Dark View Cemetery

With grave markers dating back to the mid 1800s, the cemetery was a surprise discovery while clearing the property. The county has no records of the grave yard. Under further investigation many of the graves seem to have been dug up and caskets removed. It is a mystery as to why or where the remains were moved to. Please follow the reserved path to ensure you will not fall in an open grave.


The Mine

Rawson Coal Company mined coal on the property for nearly 25 years until a terrible accident occurred involving the mines shafts elevator, after which forced the closing of the safety stricken company records. Recently the elevator has been exhumed and repaired to allow guests to travel deep under ground to the ancient mine.

Torture Trail

A delightful walk awaits guests through a rustic path where we encourage interaction between adventurous site seekers and an interesting close-knit family who just love eating meeting new people.

Maze Escape

Take your chances of escaping unscathed through our large disorienting maze full of DEAD ends, dangerous wild animals, and traps bound to make your survival a true celebration when you make it out alive.


Additional Attractions

Buried Alive

Price: $5

Experience the terror of being BURIED ALIVE. Step into our recycled casket and take a wild ride as the casket makes its way to a secret burial plot where you will be laid to rest 6 foot deep.

The Library Escape Room

Price: $40 (Group of up to 4 players, 25 minute time limit)

Work as a team of 4 people to solve the puzzle within The Library and escape before your time is up!